"Thycotic prevents cyber-attacks by securing passwords, protecting endpoints and controlling access to your systems and data"


Thycotic is the leader in Privileged Account Management but security needs to go further and deeper. Here’s how Thycotic helps to secure your privileged passwords, your endpoints and provides an effective solution for reducing helpdesk calls through a self-service password reset server.

Secret Server - Privileged accounts are the keys to your Data Crown Jewels

  • Simply Secure – Multiple layers of built-in security with easy access management for IT admins, robust segregation of role-based duties, and military-grade AES 256 bit encryption.
  • Highly Scalable – Supports large-scale distributed environments, all major OS, DB, apps, hypervisors, network devices, and security appliances, for on-premise and cloud.
  • Always Available – Delivers high availability disaster recovery options, as well as hot backups, database mirroring, and our unique unlimited admin mode for “break-the-glass” scenarios.
  • Readily Customizable – Easy to customize without any need to spend time or money to hire expensive consultants.

If you haven’t got a privileged account management (PAM) security solution in place, attackers can take your credentials and start acting like a trusted user.

  • Easily detect all privileged accounts and store the passwords in our secure vault.
  • Automatic password rotation to manage the keys to the kingdom.
  • Alerts you to abnormal use of credentials.
  • Facilitates adherence to compliance standards.
  • Faster & Easier – Software installs in minutes, is easy to use and flexible so you can get tasks done with minimal effort.
  • Auditable – Out-of-the-box and custom reports satisfy security regulations with minimal effort.

Privilege Manager for Windows (PMfW)

When a hacker lands in your IT environment, they know how to climb the chain of privilege. Through stealth and poor security, they attempt to gain the highest level of privilege. When this happens, the game is over and the risk to your organisation can be catastrophic. Banks, hospitals, infrastructure, and businesses large and small are targets for hackers. The scale of this threat is the backdrop to the security discussion of today, so it’s no wonder that audits are now more vigorous. Data regulations are becoming tighter. The cost of security breaches in both reputation and revenue can be terminal to any organisation. Understanding the risks posed by desktop applications, Thycotic has released ‘Privileged Manager for Windows, a tool specifically designed for managing the threat posed by applications that require elevated privileges to run.

How does it work? First PMfW discovers all applications in use on your desktops and provides a quick and easy way to produce reports so you can manage your applications with black, white and grey lists. With this application list, policies are created to ensure that the privileged requirements of all applications are controlled. This prevents users from downloading and running applications with elevated privileges, and significantly reduces the threat posed by that application to your environment. Through integration with Reputational and Threat Intelligence engines, real time evaluation of executions can be allowed, denied or flagged for intervention. When combined with Secret Server, Thycotic provides a powerful combination of control and auditable management to ensure your network not compromised and your data is secure.

Password Reset Server

Password Reset Server is an affordable solution that allows your users to quickly and easily reset their Windows Active Directory passwords saving your helpdesk valuable time to get on with important calls.

Key benefits include:

  • Valuable support when enforcing strong passwords
  • Reduces Helpdesk load when password complexity standard are high
  • Rapid deployment, low cost solution
  • Users and Administrators love it!

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