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 Infoscale | Continuity and Data Recovery

World-class availability meets world-class storage management

InfoScale Enterprise helps your IT teams realise ever more reliable operations and better protected information and applications across your physical and virtual infrastructures. With enterprise-class resiliency and software-defined storage features for critical services across your data center infrastructure, InfoScale Enterprise ensures that your IT operations perform at their highest levels.

Availability and performance for critical databases 

Implement and manage highly available Real Application Clusters (RAC) databases with InfoScale Enterprise, a reliable, easy-to-use storage and cluster management solution. InfoScale Enterprise helps you increase flexibility, scalability, and performance, while reducing system downtime.

The solution combines the strengths of Sybase ASE CE with robust storage management and high-availability capabilities to implement fully scalable Sybase shared-disk clusters, offering benefits in availability and performance.

All the performance. None of the downtime 

InfoScale Enterprise includes high-availability and disaster-recovery capabilities for your critical business services—including individual databases, custom applications, and complex multitier applications—across physical and virtual environments and over any distance.

Intelligent monitoring for applications and infrastructure detects possible risks to availability and automatically recovers applications when needed. Site outages are automatically detected and application recovery to a disaster-recovery site is initiated automatically or on your call. With built-in testing to proactively detect and report potential problems before they have an impact on IT services, InfoScale Enterprise helps minimise unwanted downtime of your critical business services.

Availability over any distance 

Disaster recovery is about more than replicating data. For mission-critical applications that must remain online even in the event of a site failure, disaster recovery means automating your application recovery.

InfoScale Enterprise provides disaster recovery over any distance, allowing your organisation to deploy both local high-availability and remote clustering for a complete disaster recovery solution.

With a single click, you can migrate applications between servers in a local data centre, in the same metro region, or move all applications to a data centre thousands of miles away.

Detect failures instantly. Recover data faster 

Normal clustering relies on resource polling to determine the health of your application resources. This polling process increases processor overhead but, more importantly, doesn’t always notice faults immediately.

Intelligent Monitoring Framework in InfoScale Enterprise asynchronously monitors selected Resources, meaning failures can be detected instantaneously. The CPU overhead associated with traditional poll-based monitoring is also greatly reduced.

Automate disaster recovery testing 

Your production environments are constantly changing. Having a regular cadence of testing your disaster recovery strategy is critical to guarantee a successful recovery in the event of an outage.

InfoScale Enterprise includes Fire Drill, a tool that simulates disaster recovery tests by starting up an application at the disaster recovery site as it would in an actual disaster. Because it is a simulation, Fire Drill does not disrupt production applications, so it can be run as often as necessary, eliminating the need for extensive manual weekend testing

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