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Alvao Webinar
Alvao ITSM Software for Microsoft 365

ITSM software and Service Desk Management Solutions in the UK

With ALVAO ITSM software and Service Desk Management Solutions, you will get the entire department organised and able to deliver high-quality in-house services, more transparently and with less effort.

Thanks to the ITSM software system’s full integration into the Microsoft platform, no duplication is required. You can work with the ALVAO service desk directly in Outlook or Teams, yet it grows with your needs – ALVAO is easy to deploy and then adjust to the process maturity of your business. The ALVAO service desk management solution has received prestigious certifications for ITIL-compliant process control from Axelos and Pink Elephant – global best practice leaders.

Use ALVAO for Microsoft 365 in a way that suits your needs. The solution is available as a service (SaaS). Discover how ALVAO ITSM software and Service Desk Solutions help streamline your UK business today.

Alvao Service Desk

ALVAO Service Desk

Keep all your taskstogether in one place. A friendly face for requesters, a powerful tool for internal services teams. ALVAO ITSM Software & Service Desk provides a single point of contact for all in-company requests. The solution provider team gain an overview of workload, clear priorities and improved communication. No one has to hunt around for information, whom to contact to report a device fault or a system crash, or to request equipment. The ALVAO helpdesk system is simple to use and welcoming.

The power of the entire service desk fully integrated with your Outlook – a fully-fledged service desk experience available directly in Microsoft Outlook thanks to the Add-in. You can browse the knowledge-base, read current news, or create a new request from a catalogue. Work with requests direct in your favourite email client. When you click on any email, task, or event, you can immediately see all the history of the related request and all relevant information. Find out how the ALVAO service desk can help your UK business succeed and get in touch with the team at Esdebe today.

Asset Management

ALVAO Asset Management

Gain a perfect overview of your assets. Smart registration of hardware, software and other equipment serves as a single reliable source of information about all assets. Know exactly what assets you have, whose responsibility they are and where each item is. An overall picture of each and every device, from acquisition to disposal, all in one place of inquiry. No more hunting around, losing things, or being unsure.

With its tree structure, you can bring order to the department straight away with ALVAO service desk solutions – manage assets in ALVAO using an object-oriented tree structure. You can completely customize the unique object tree to your own needs. It can reflect the hierarchical division of the company as well as the geographical distribution of sites by premises.

Don’t waste resources on licenses you don’t actually use – reveal spare licences and save on buying new ones. ALVAO Service Desk Management Solution supports various licence models and automatically assigns licences to installations. It automatically alerts you to any problems, so you don’t have to worry about audits and checks.

Benefits of ALVAO ITSM Software and Service Desk Solutions

  • Single point of contact for all requests
  • More orderliness and clarity about priorities
  • Improved communication

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