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 Data Insight | Data Management

Data Insight delivers

  • Storage efficiency and cost savings through unstructured data management.
  • Confidential Information Access Compliance.
  • HR Behavioural Risk Management.
  • Workflows implement governance through integration with Enterprise Vault.

Shine a light on the data in your environment with Data 

Analytics for your unstructured Data. Understand what you have, who can see it and where the valuable data is, then determine appropriate retention policies for data retention.

It has never been more important to manage the data within the environment and data governance will only become a more important subject over next few years. 

Data Insight provides the view of unstructured data that helps organisations improve their data governance achieve compliance and reduce risk of data loss. The analytics and reporting capabilities bring a visibility that shows who owns the data, how often it is used and who has access to it.

Data Insight - Access Compliance 

Knowing who has access to what is vital when organizational changes are made and confidential information needs to remain private.

Data Insight identifies data owners and staff or ‘custodians’, who are privy to sensitive information and for compliance reasons have polices applied to them, which are monitored by Data Insight .

Behavioral Risk Monitoring 

There are times when staff with a malicious grievance decide to take advantage of the rights they have been granted, the result is often the subject of a Front Page newspaper story. 

To help your company stay out of the limelight, Data Insight uses big data analytics engines to provide the power and process for advanced anomaly detection on a big data cluster and can monitor for and alert on any anomalous behavior , to ensure that management has the opportunity to confer.

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