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Corporate Software Inspector

What’s the Problem?

Software vulnerabilities are the preferred point of attack for hackers and cyber criminals. A single vulnerability can be used for widespread system access – making confidential data and intellectual property insecure, and damaging reputations.

To stay protected you need:

Complete visibility of all applications on the network

• Knowledge of which applications are vulnerable

• Insight into critical vulnerabilities

• A method of patching vulnerable applications – fast

The manual approach to achieving does not work! It’s time consuming at a time when speed is of the essence and could miss critical vulnerabilities leaving your network exposed.

The Solution: 

Corporate Software Inspector – Next Gen Patch Management

Corporate Software Inspector is the only solution that delivers the four key areas of vulnerability management in one.

Corporate Software Inspector Integrates with Microsoft® WSUS and System Center to enable automatic non-Microsoft third-party application patching from a single console – saving your customer time, resource and money.

Corporate Software Inspector can be deployed as a cloud solution, or if your customer needs to control outbound information, as an onsite solution.

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