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Dark Data Assessment

IT Departments are responsible for making company data available and the standard policy for data retention is that all data is kept forever. Gartner estimates that 20% of enterprise data is mission critical, 30% is redundant, and 50% is of “indeterminate” value. The keep all policy is a huge waste of budget.

The Dark Data Assessment is a minimally invasive way to scan your unstructured data, collect and collate the analytics, and have published reports in as little as 24hours to help you understand where opportunities exist to reduce storage costs and risk.

Data Assessment

Based on the unstructured data analytics it provides, the Dark Data Assessment is focused on enabling three key use cases for data storage, compliance and security teams:

  • Locating data at risk

  • Optimizing storage

  • Classifying data for retention and retrieval

Prioritising your assessment efforts

Depending on your requirements the Assessment, will focus on either Storage and Cost Optimisation or Risk and Compliance. The outcome of the assessment will provide a holistic picture of the risk and cost profile of your unstructured data in your environment.

Prioritising your assessment

Performing a dark Data assessment

The Dark Data Assessment uses Veritas Data Insight – a tool that analyses file metadata, permissions information and user activity to provide actionable intelligence to users — to scan your file servers.

Data Insight

Three simple steps to complete the assessment:

  1. Identify the target data you want to analyse.

  2. Scan the file server(s).

  3. Report on the findings.

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