Legacy Backup Management


In a new and exciting development, Esdebe have teamed up with Ontrack™ (formerly Kroll Ontrack) to deliver a new service that frees you from your legacy backup but ensures that restores are always available.

Legacy Managed Backup


  • Need to quickly extract specific messages, mailboxes or entire EDB files from your archived tapes?
  • Plan to replace or upgrade your backup infrastructure but still need to access archived data for compliance or regulatory reasons?
  • Have multiple backup infrastructures and tapes following a merger or acquisition?
  • Need to access old tapes but don’t want to incur the cost of retaining various backup environments?
  • Can’t determine what data resides on which tapes?
  • Unable to read backup tapes because they’ve been physically damaged or the data is corrupt?
  • No longer have the hardware to read your legacy tapes?

Take control of your archive data with Legacy Backup Management

In a new and exciting development, Esdebe have teamed up with Ontrack™ to deliver a new service that frees you from your legacy backup but ensures that restores are always available.

Stress Free and On-demand access to backup data stored on tape

  • Manage and easily access your archive tape libraries with our tape catalogue service
  • Restore and migrate specific items granularly
  • Quickly recover and produce information on tapes to respond to time critical requests
  • Streamline your data storage and save costs on archiving and backup technology
  • Secure support for the management of your information risk at a company level
  • Recover data from damaged or corrupted tapes
  • Securely delete any data past its retention period and provide a certificate of erasure to confirm the validity of the process
  • Kroll Ontrack collect, decommission legacy backup infrastructure whilst still retaining access to the data on the backup tapes
  • Validate and host your tape catalogues in a secure environment, plus receive annual health checks and upgrades
  • Get new catalogues created for tapes that were previously uncatalogued
  • Reduce the cost, time and risk of managing archive data. Whatever your tape requirement, Ontrack can help

Futureproof and Ongoing access to your tape backup data

We support most backup software and tape formats so you can be certain that we can help with your specific situation. Our tape services consist of four straightforward steps that make managing your archived tapes an easy job. We know managing archived data is not the most exciting of tasks, but by working with us, you’ll have peace of mind that you can access what you want, when you want it while keeping your archive costs as low as possible. By trusting Ontrack to help manage your legacy data, you will not only be able to quickly react to requests, better manage what data you keep and where you store it, but also reduce storage and maintenance costs.

Software Backup

Backup applications in scope

Tivoli Storage Management / Spectrum Protect
Backup Exec
HP Data Protector
MS Data Protection Manager

Backup Applications

Why Esdebe have partnered with Ontrack?

 World-leading data management services and software since 1985.
  International coverage with 43 locations across 19 countries for multi-site/jurisdiction cases.
 24/7/365 availability.
 Serving clients for over 30 years.
 Strict security policies with chain of custody if required.


Manage my Legacy Backup

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