Nuila 0365 Training & Productivity

Nuila 0365 Training & Productivity

Nulia Works

Nulia Works bridges the gap between the perceived promise of digital productivity, such as Office 365 and the actual digital productivity that is possible, by getting and keeping users using. Because it’s all about doing.

Unlock the value of digital productivity suites. Become more productive, realise your potential in the flow of work.

Nuila Works

Unlock the value of Office 365 in the way that works for you. Nulia Works is the pioneering Digital Enablement platform that gets users using their digital skills to realize their potential and unlock the value of Office 365

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Using Office 365 to create the world that works for your organization

Nulia Works is the first of its kind Digital Enablement solution that is platform-based and supports a continuous system of measurement, personalization, and engagement to drive digital skills development and usage. It guides users with data-driven insights and measures success by doing in the natural flow of work, enabling users to continuously attain, maintain, and use digital productivity skills. By applying machine learning and artificial intelligence, Nulia Works personalizes skills development and meets organizations where they are, with what they need. Users earn industry-recognized badges that are based on verified usage of digital skills that can be shared across professional networks, such as LinkedIn. This empowers users to be confident in their new digital skills and enables organizations to know that they have a workforce with the Office 365 skills they need.

Powered by Data Intelligence

  • Tracks progress on Skills and Outcomes, providing personalized and organizational analyses of usage
  • Captures users’ unique needs based on actual measurable behaviors.
  • Provides progressive levels of digital maturity: User, Producer, & Master. Every user, based on their depth of knowledge, frequency of use, and their role in the company, can achieve the digital maturity level that is right for them.

Powered by AI, ML, and Bots

  • View full skills development overviews with targeted recommendations based on profiles and persona.
  • Captures users’ unique needs based on actual measurable behaviors.
  • Always on 24/7 engagement that meets users where they are, with what they need.

Our Insights prove it

Designed to be different from traditional solutions, Nulia Works provides actionable Insights based on the measurement and evaluation of users’ real behavior in Office 365. Nulia Works Insights show how your organization is progressing towards their digital skills development goals, and enables you to take action to ensure that employees are continually challenged, and attaining & maintaining new digital productivity skills. Equip your organization with the digital skills they need to realize the potential and unlock the value of Office 365.

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