Phishing Simulation



Phishing Simulation


Everyone can spot a phishing email, right?
That is, until somebody is finally tricked, and disaster strikes.

That is the phishing attacker’s advantage – they only need someone to make one mistake, and then they can cause havoc. And as more and more of our information gets out into the wild, the attacker can make their emails more and more targeted and convincing. Hence, phishing email attacks remain a weapon of choice as a first step to compromise individual computers and then, by “lateral movement”, other assets on the corporate network including core databases and private data. Whether the attacker’s objective is deployment of ransomware or theft of corporate data, a phishing attack is often the starting point.

Therefore, reducing the threat of successful phishing attacks may be the single most effective step you could take to reduce IT security risk, in terms of the cost/benefit ratio. We offer a range of highly effective services, including simulated phishing attacks complemented by online and bespoke training, to raise your defences across your entire organisation. The result will be an organisation that is fundamentally more aware of the threats, how to spot them and deal with them, and what the results can be for the organisation if mistakes are made.

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