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Up to 80% of the data stored in most environments is over a year old.

Storage Management has never been so important. Centralising the management of unstructured data can deliver business advantage, reduce cost, reduce storage complexity and deliver a data management strategy for the future.

Take control of your unstructured data 

Take control of your unstructured data and be prepared for Data Protection regulations (GDPR) by deploying Mailbox, File or SharePoint archiving with Enterprise Vault. Highly customisable policies and features like categorisation or OCR scanning, ensure data is retained for the optimum period, ensuring your company delivers against compliance, regulatory or legal business obligations. 

The optimisation gained through archiving provides predictable but significantly reduced rate of growth in storage requirement and can take advantage of cheaper on premise or cloud storage. 

Enterprise Vault features 

Packed with more new features that any prior release, Enterprise Vault 12.3 delivers better control and management, enhanced search and extends it’s reach into OCR and Classification. 

  • Manage data by targeting what is most important to your organisation, classifying all archived content according to content.

  • With the ability to re-classify existing archived information, you can ensure your archived information corresponds to your corporate retention policies.

  • Archive deletion only happens now if the data meets all the applicable retention policies

  • Make supervisory review quicker, easier and more intelligent

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