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Are you sure you understand your cybersecurity risks?


How many times have we heard that? But, in cybersecurity at least, this approach is only defensible if you are confident that you know what your cybersecurity risks really are. Even if you had a good understanding a year ago, is that still the case today, when ways of working have changed, and the threats have evolved? Perhaps it is time to get an independent, expert assessment.

A security audit can be a relatively low-cost exercise that pays dividends for years to come. Often within a few days, an expert can assemble a picture for you of the risks you face - based on interviews, inspection and observations, and using a risk impact methodology which references the expectations of the five key controls outlined by the National Cybersecurity Centre. The report is discussed with internal business owners before final publication. It can then be used as a key input by management to validate, modify or construct a prioritised roadmap for optimisation of security within the available budget. Then you will know that the cybersecurity risks you decide to take are the ones you know about and understand. .

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