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Systems Management

The new way to manage, monitor and support IT systems

Systems Management is the easy and affordable way to manage, monitor and maintain all your organization’s devices, whether they are in the office or remote. Thanks to the simplicity offered by the pre-configured settings, the learning curve is practically non-existent, and it ensures that the organization’s IT infrastructure operates exactly according to plan.

Why opt for System Management?

  • It frees up your IT team to concentrate on value-added projects
  • It resolves problems proactively
  • It enhances support for new technologies and encourages adoption of BYOD

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• 100% cloud-based solution

• Secure access to the service

• Management via an extremely

lightweight agent

• Agent-free management of printers

and other network devices

• Alerts and monitoring

• Make full use of our ComStore

• Rapid tasks and scripts

• Patch management

• Software deployment

• Remote access

• Tickets system

• Manage smartphones and tablets

• Security certificates


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