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Enterprise backup and recovery

NetBackup is a single solution for the entire enterprise, available on a converged platform, and instrumented to require minimal administration in even the largest, most dynamic environments.

Scale with growth 

The relentless growth of data (25–75% per year) compounded by the growth of virtual machines (20% per year) risks outrunning the data protection capabilities of the enterprise. Throwing costly hardware at the problem is not the answer. NetBackup has proven to be one of the most scalable solutions for protecting the enterprise, incorporating cutting edge technologies for data reduction and bandwidth efficiency, while providing extensive indexing and search capabilities.

  • Protect petabytes of data without disrupting the business
  • Mitigate spiraling storage infrastructure costs

  • Quickly find and recover large volumes of data

Trust the leader in enterprise backup 

Long recognised as the market leader in enterprise backup and recovery software, Veritas NetBackup is engineered to protect the largest and most demanding data centre environments. NetBackup delivers breakthrough capabilities for virtualised systems that go well beyond what traditional backup practices can achieve. A single, intuitive management console reveals all backup and recovery activity, allowing consistent policies and service levels to be enforced across the enterprise.

  • Largest share of enterprise market since 1998

  • Leader in every Gartner Magic Quadrant since inception

  • Winner of the most Best of VMWorld awards in its category

  • 500+ patents awarded in backup and recovery

  • Trusted by 86% of the Fortune 500

Best in class performance 

NetBackup combines innovative design with the latest technical advancements to deliver impressive performance numbers with minimal impact. In a recent benchmark, NetBackup was more than twice as fast as the nearest competitor at scale.


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