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The world is awash in oceans of data. Structured or unstructured, generated internally or created by others, stored in the data centre or the cloud, data is the cornerstone of cognitive business. Leveraging vast quantities of data to uncover patterns and pursue breakthrough ideas, a cognitive business can elevate expertise, speed time to market, improve processes and enhance decision-making.

Infusing cognitive into your business requires you to collect and curate the right data. IBM Storage Solutions enable the data infrastructure needed to efficiently capture, deliver, manage and protect data with superior performance and economics. Optimising data storage with IBM allows your business to access the right data at the right time, providing the data foundation to propel your organisation into the cognitive era with confidence.

IBM Flashsystem 

IBM FlashSystem all-flash storage platforms are engineered to address the most demanding performance, reliability, data economics, and software-defined storage requirements.

Simply efficient. Simply reliable. Simply fast. Move your business into the cognitive era with IBM FlashSystem.

IBM Storwise 

Built with IBM Spectrum Virtualise software, the IBM Storwize family provides market-leading value, performance, and unique virtualisation capabilities. Storwize solutions achieve up to 5:1 data compression ratios, maximising storage utilisation and reducing future storage needs.

IBM Spectrum Storage 

IBM Spectrum Storage Suite provides unlimited access to all members of the IBM Spectrum Storage software family with licensing on a flat, cost-per-terabyte basis. This makes pricing easy to understand and predictable as capacity grows.

The suite is structured specifically to meet changing storage needs. It is ideal for organisations just starting out with software-defined storage as well as those with established infrastructures who need to expand their capabilities.



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