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Current Webinars

  • Tuesday, 25th May 2021 10:00 am | Cybersecurity

    Don’t let the bad guys in!

    Are you are confident that you know what your cybersecurity risks really are. Even if you had a good understanding a year ago, is that still the case today, when ways of working have changed, and the threats have evolved?


    What will you learn?

    1. How our Cybersecurity Audit will help you sleep at night
    2. Benefits of a 3rd party Security Operations Centre
    3. Understand how we can help you keep your data safe

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Previous Webinars

  • CRY HARD 1

    Past Event

    Part 1: Lessons learnt from recent ransomware attacks

    Esdebe present the first in the Cry Hard series of webinars featuring Sophos and Veritas, show why a multifaceted approach to data security is vital to ensuring that your data is kept safe.


    Watch CRY HARD 1  
  • CRY HARD 2

    Past Event

    There has been much analysis of the Ransomware attacks ‘WannaCry’ and ‘Petya’. In our series of webinars on the lessons learned, we have focused on solutions from Sophos and Veritas that can help with remediation after an attack has struck.

    In our second Webinar, we show how prevention comes in many ways but we focus on Privileged Account and Patch Management from Thycotic and Flexera.

    You will learn how to secure access to sensitive systems and data with full reporting and audit trial and

    How unpatched systems offer a security back door to the network and the importance of ensuring systems are regularly patched’

    Watch CRY HARD 2