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It's not about the product but the journey It is not about the product IT'S ABOUT THE JOURNEY Esdebe Consultancy Ltd
Not all data is equal  Not all data is equal  IT'S TIME TO TAKE CONTROL Esdebe Consultancy Ltd
Right size solutions that scale RIGHT SIZE SOLUTIONS THAT SCALE Esdebe Consultancy Ltd
Esdebe EVOLUTION, CHANGE & CHALLENGE ESDEBE with you for the journey

  Your guide on the path to simple and effective data management

Delivering the right solution for your business first time can bring a competitive advantage in your market. Effective data management has never been so important to the ensuring the success of your business. Esdebe deliver cost effective solutions on time, on budget and that grow as your business grows. We are with you for the solution, evolution and throughout your journey.

Cloud Services

Our Technology


Pro active data management solutions putting you in control

Continuity and DR

Keep your business systems running?

Legal Discovery

Reduce your litigation costs      


Advanced technology for smooth and successful migrations.      


World class & niche backup solutions to protect your data


Move big data quickly with our high speed data freister


Take risks seriously with our best of breed security solutions


Refresh your storage with the latest hybrid & converged storage solutions

Esdebe Services Consulting

Asset Management

Asset Management

Asset tracking to ensure software licensing is always rightsize for your requirements.



Assessement Services provide continual assurance that will deliver when required.



Smooth and successful migrations services.


Specialist Veritas Services

Data Management and Archiving, Availability, Data Protection, Legal Discovery